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The Great Resignation

Work is an integral part of our day-to-day lives. It plays a major role in structuring our personal and social identity and is a means of livelihood. Steady income creates options and equips us with the power to access essentials such as food, electricity, education, etc., and non-essentials such as electronic devices, wifi, furniture, etc. For too many, it feels like a healthy work-life balance is simply unattainable. Checking and responding to emails at all hours, work meetings at dinner time, or being unable to separate from our work laptops on weekends… for so many, this has become routine. One may even say, “Isn’t that expected?” but although it may feel like employees are required to do this morally, ethically, and spiritually they aren’t (and they shouldn’t).

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Evolution of Customer Success in the Covid Era Part II

In the span of a few months, Covid 19 had changed everything. From the way we meet our friends, travel, shop, eat to the way we work, everything is suddenly different. At work, this change is felt across our customer base and our own internal teams because we’re humans, after all.

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Evolution of Customer Success in the Covid-19 Era Part I

In just a span of a few months, Covid-19 had changed everything. From the way we meet our friends, travel, shop, eat, and even the way we work, everything is suddenly different. The change has been quite stark in the Customer Success community, where even on a normal day, there are challenges galore. The Pandemic has only added a new dimension to this role, both from the customer’s and the Customer Success Executive’s perspective.

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Artificial Intelligence

How can a CSM stay on top of all tasks all the time

The role of a Customer Success Manager is fast evolving, especially in recent decades. It is no longer grounded to its traditional role of transforming customer engagement. Instead, it aims to forge stronger relations with customers such that it helps businesses grow, thus making the Customer Success Managers role an important pillar of growth.


Are you Chasing the Customer Health Score Mirage Too? Here’s How you Clear the Fog!

It is a truth universally accepted by every CSM – “There is more to a Customer Health Score than just a red/yellow/green color code against the customers’ names.” Instead, it’s supposed to be this amazing metric derived by a super secretive formula consisting of numerous variables that enables CS teams to assess the likelihood of an outcome for a customer. Not only should it help predict renewal/churn, but it also acts as an indicator of your customer’s growth, success, and failures and should ideally help a CSM strategize their support appropriately.


Is Bandwidth the Miracle Cure for CS Burnout?

Regular exercise is often known as a miracle cure. One habitual exercise routine can solve upwards of 20 different serious medical conditions afflicting different parts of the body. What other single prescription can address issues across coronary (heart), pulmonary (lungs), cirrhosis (liver), myopathy (muscle), and even psychological conditions like insomnia and depression?

As it turns out, the human body rewards itself when it does what it was built to do: exercise. I believe there’s a similar relationship between the optimal performance of a CS team and available bandwidth.


The Upsell Conversation – A Marathon or A Sprint

In every successful customer journey, there comes the point when you know that your customers are ready for more. But imagine a troubling scenario where the upsell hints are being missed or lost in the data. This can be really frustrating when your customers have already been deriving value from your products or services for months. They are comfortable and satisfied with the current engagement but could certainly benefit from more. This is a critical point in the mutual business relationship, but either the signals are lost, or the subtle indicators of a golden upsell opportunity are left undetected and unacted upon!


Customer Retention: An Outcome of Data and Listening

Everything about the customer, from the ‘who he/she is,’ to the ‘why he/she does it,’ is now known, thanks to the availability and accessibility of data. The power of insights from data is incredible, but that is only possible if we can assess it correctly. Today there is a never-ending downpour of data. And the general assumption that more data makes better predictions is being hindered by the sheer weight of the data itself. Can anyone confidently say they have the sophistication to truly leverage all their incoming data?


Customer Onboarding: Taking the right first step

A successful onboarding experience is a critical step to beginning a strong and prosperous customer success process. It is the proverbial first step that your customer takes towards building a relationship with your brand But this isn’t just about teaching new users how to use a platform. It is about ensuring whether they are using it for what it was intended in the first place. Your onboarding is only successful if it meets or exceeds your user’s expectations and helps them achieve their goals.

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AI: The Next Milestone in Every SaaS Company’s Future Roadmap

No matter how advanced artificial intelligence gets, it is still a drop in the vast ocean of human intelligence. Human intelligence is a result of consistent learning from experiences that help them gain knowledge and comprehend their surrounding situations, whereas AI learns from data and its programmed interpretations. Machines cannot think on their own, instead, they are programmed to consume data to mimic and simulate human behavior. However, rational decision-making is still a very human trait, and is hard to mimic.

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