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Empowering your team to proceed with confidence and build existing customer base. A B2B customer intelligence platform that works for you.

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Identify and Manage risks not visible to human eyes

B2B Customer Intelligence platform that integrates into your ecosystem and deep learns behaviors from your best customers and best team members. Cami’s AI pushes the right actions at the right time, moving beyond static playbooks and arcane reports. The insights are delivered right in your productivity tool Slack, MS Teams and more.

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For Boards and Executives

Predictable Net ARR from existing customers. Manage and escalate risks before they happen.

For Customer Success Leaders

Help customer team focus on areas that really matter. Cut through noise by Identifying risks that are not easily visible to human eyes and mitigate them.

For Customer Success Managers

Hire an ally who can help you see the customer trends and risk that matter. Let deep learning help you grow in your career, using insights from how the best of your peers are partnering with their customers.

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Our customers are pioneers who have used CRMs and customer success platforms in the past and realized that they want more than a customer master or reporting and workflow platform. We run adjacent to/or have replaced legacy customer success platforms integrating deeply into their CRM, ticketing, usage, customer voice and productivity tools. 

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