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how it works

Personalized Customer Success Software

Cami aggregates the data from all relevant systems throughout the customer journey. She augments this data with inputs gained from customer and employee conversations. All insights are pushed through a personalized conversational dashboard.

AI Assistant

Cami is an AI assistant who your customers and team employ. She is constantly interpreting signals and having human conversations to simplify the complex customer engagement cycle.

Integrated To Systems

Cami integrates with all your systems from Salesforce, Jira, Zendesk to the NPS scoring tools such as Qualitrics. The patterns learned across these systems enable her to push warning signals to all relevant stakeholders.

Personalized Dashboards

Cami understands that every stakeholder has individual goals that align with their roles and responsibilities. She watches over the ecosystem and prioritizes insights based on the user context.


360 Customer Operating System

Cami always has a 360 view of the customer, pulling all the required information from internal systems and augmenting that information using interactive conversations with all stakeholders.

Get results

Drive Action Plans

Build action plans based on what has worked across other similar scenarios. Cami recommends actions based on the patterns analyzed and drives accountability across all the teams involved. She follows up with constant timely reminders and clear escalations as required.


Create Up Sell Paths

Cami keeps the day to day customer satisfaction going. This frees up your customer teams to focus on strategic up sells. Cami also recommends up sell paths based on wh at has worked for other scenarios in your organization.


Despite complex customer success systems and investment in people, lack of meaningful communication and understanding of customers is the single biggest reason for customer churn.


Every customer's needs are important to us. We would love to have a conversation with you. Our team will ensure that all your needs are handled with a personal touch.