Optimize Adoption to Create Customer Delight

The Real Cami

“We had an unexpected customer churn.”

“Let us build happy clients for life.”

“Product adoption is a pain point.”

If you or one of your leaders have said these words before, then you will be able to relate to my journey behind starting Cami.AI.

I spent the first decade of my career as a product manager that worked on eCommerce and content platforms. Customer satisfaction and happiness, these two words were the epicenter of all products and service organizations. Every leadership team I worked with was always concerned about this. But unfortunately, as always, there is a lag between changes in a customer’s sentiment and the organization’s reaction to those changes and hence the curiosity.

Why is it that in this world of Alexa and Siri, where information from all around the world is being consumed every second, even by my 3-year-old, why can’t customers’ sentiments and voices be consumed quickly by all the stakeholders? Why can’t technology help break this communication gap between customers and the product?

As I conducted more research about this landscape, I came across some interesting tools that helped define this category called customer success. But most of these tools focussed on complex reporting that was clunky to use which very unlike the buying experience I was used to providing consumers in the Ecommerce world. Do you know what this resulted in? The customer success teams that were supposed to act as strategic partners for their customers transformed into mechanical report generators. Why is it that we can’t leverage the advances used in Alexa and Siri along with machine learning algorithms to make customer success tools simple? It’s simple. People should focus on customers and not on systems.

So, let’s make customer success human!

Fast-forwarding 6 months… introducing Cam.AI. Inspired by the simplicity of my 3-year-old superhero daughter Kamya ( a.k.a Cami ). She is curious and constantly trying to learn from patterns and routines that surround her, which brings instant happiness to everyone she interacts with. This is Cami.AI. A digital personality with feelings. She observes, analyzes patterns, learns, and communicates in a timely personalized manner, that focuses on doing all the heavy lifting for the customer success teams so that they can dedicate their time to having real meaningful conversations and give customers the attention they truly seek and deserve. In other words, Cami is the superhero who watches over your customer data, tracks their KPI’s and engagements to make their happiness trackable and actionable.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you want to be a part of my journey or simply want to learn more. I hope Cami.AI  can provide the same happiness to customers that my little Cami provides to our family.


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