It’s About Customer Love: Navigating a Breakout Year at Cami.AI

It's about customer love
Navigating a breakout year at

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As a growth and revenue executive, I’ve spent most of my adult life under quota pressures and investor expectations, with implied consequences. So I’m accustomed to bold campaign initiates and swift execution. However I was reminded recently that our company is still new, still in the enviable ‘startup days’ where dreaming and envisioning the future has an important purpose, perhaps more important to our company right now than the methodical march of pipeline reports and quarterly metrics.

Currently we are finishing our core messaging; aligning our vision and beliefs into an articulation of our business solutions. And this is where my habitual sales aggressiveness bested me before I could even begin. In working sessions with the CEO, I kept driving towards the grandiose, when all we needed was the premise. It’s as if I wanted to drive 100 mph when first we needed the right direction. I’m thankful for Praseetha’s patience. 

Here is an actual Slack exchange between Praseetha and me:

Employee conversation

So I’m here to tell everyone that Cami.AI has not forgotten, nor will we ever forget our founding DNA and Values:

Our team strives to bring transparency and bridge communication gaps in customer service teams. We live this everyday as individuals and as an organization. Cami.AI exists to deliver the vision of achieving Customer Love at scale. We believe Customer Love is the highest state for a CS organization, and it’s our honor to support your team in this endeavor.


Your team + Cami = Scalable Customer Love

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