Customer Experience: The Bridge to Customer Success

73% of customers’ expectations from their vendors drastically change with just one extraordinary customer experience.
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Your customers know the score and they dislike being grouped into market segments. They resent being identified as one type of target audience. Instead, they prefer being addressed as individuals who have unique tastes and preferences, and they certainly deserve to be recognized as the professionals they are. They want a personalized and unique experience that is tailored just for them. Today, customer experience is a critical factor that determines the success of your company. And your customer experience strategy is the foundation that paves the path to customer success, and eventually to scalable customer love’.

CX: Path to CS

Often steady adoption of the product by new customers is mistaken for enduring success and a future promise of increased growth rates. This may have been effective in the past, but today it’s perilous. Today, SaaS companies realize that consistent revenue and new customer acquisitions are just indicators of momentary success. They know that without a world-class customer success strategy, the new 

growth tends to bow to the law of diminishing returns. When businesses deliver exceptional customer experience consistently over a prolonged period of time, it not only reduces customer churn but also increases your customer’s lifetime value. Thus, creating a stable revenue base for future growth and development. Your customers are the biggest asset of your business.

Both customer experience and customer success though different, are converging and share a common vision of delivering the best outcomes for the customer. They are vital to establishing a customer-centric culture and mindset. An organization that is customer love-obsessed will never compromise on either and from the very beginning strive to achieve the best of both CX and CS – the key ingredients for a successful customer strategy.

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