Artificial Intelligence

No matter how advanced artificial intelligence gets, it is still a drop in the vast ocean of human intelligence. Human intelligence is a result of consistent learning from experiences that help them gain knowledge and comprehend their surrounding situations, whereas AI learns from data and its programmed interpretations. Machines cannot think on their own, instead, they are programmed to consume data to mimic and simulate human behavior. However, rational decision-making is still a very human trait, and hard to mimic.

Today, AI has gone mainstream. From what gets displayed on your Instagram to Twitter using machine learning to filter out fake news or Gmail using their smart compose feature to make sure you can write your emails faster, AI strives to give its users the optimal customer experience. The analytical and predictive power of AI is a very strong asset to humans. It enables us to soar beyond our current limitations by slashing away the weight of mundane tasks, creating efficiency via automation and leading to more room for creativity and innovation. But can SaaS companies leverage this to give their customers a better experience? Do they need to? 

Did you know, 75% of customers expect companies to use new technologies to create better experiences. ~ Salesforce

When Artificial Intelligence meets data, that’s when the superhero traits begin appearing and everything becomes possible.

Today’s customers are well-read and research their options before settling in on the best fit solution for their business needs. The bar for innovation in AI is higher than ever. To impress your customers and capture their attention is already a difficult task, but retaining your customers can be even worse. Your customers will demand, and they deserve an excellent customer experience. So why not let AI help deliver the best version of your product and brand? Imagine having insights into customer behavior before they actually do it. 

What if renewal risks were highlighted way ahead of time with insights into WHY? 

What if upsell opportunities were identified in a timely manner with insights into what exactly to sell and WHY? 

Not only would you be able to predict customer churn and improve your product’s customer experience but also create scalable customer love. That’s the power of AI. A smart tool that never sleeps, gets smarter every cycle, scales without limitations, and all of this effort to help you and your goals. 

When you succeed in delivering a great customer experience consistently, you pave the way for customer success. And when you have an AI assistant that truly listens, smartly watches overall interactions, extracts meaningful patterns from data, and predicts actionable insights that help accelerate the path to scalable customer love, perhaps you could redefine what your success looks like. The opportunities offered by emerging technologies such as AI will lead us in a variety of directions. The reins rest in our hands to actively shape the development and application of these technologies so that they best serve humanity.

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