A successful onboarding experience is a critical step to beginning a strong and prosperous customer success process. It is the proverbial first step that your customer takes towards building a relationship with your brand. But this isn’t just about teaching new users how to use a platform, it is about ensuring whether they are using it for what it was intended in the first place. Your onboarding is only successful if it meets or exceeds your user’s expectations and helps them achieve their goals.

Did you know!!! Poor onboarding experience results in 23% of average customer churn!

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A negative onboarding experience would make your customers question themselves if they made the right choice and this seed of doubt would eventually lead to customer churn. Churn is a reflection of your customer’s derived satisfaction. If your customers are confused as to how they should use your services or fail to derive value from your product or service, it’s game over!

When you ensure that your new customers:

  • Have an overall plan or strategy, and expect to leverage your offerings to advance those plans.
  • Have identified some early KPI’s, are measurable, and are consistent with the strategic plan.
  • Actively participate in onboarding sessions.
  • Are engaged learners to your product features and capabilities.
  • Develop a regular usage tempo and show healthy adoption metrics.

Your probability of providing an excellent customer onboarding experience skyrockets. And this has multiple advantages. When your product does everything a customer needs, it becomes indispensable to them. The more your customer relies on your product, the more they are likely to not leave. With boosted user confidence and high product or service reliance, your customers would tend to be more satisfied with your product. Hence, reducing churn. 

Now imagine having a personal AI assistant that monitors all interactions, focuses on continuous improvement, and helps you achieve just that, a successful interactive onboarding experience. An experience that can be scaled across customers effortlessly based on machine-learned patterns. Not only would it efficiently decode secrets from your data and give you key insights but will also take you one step further towards achieving that state of scalable customer love.

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