The Upsell Conversation: A Marathon or A Sprint

In every successful customer journey, there comes a point when you know that your customers are ready for more.  But imagine a troubling scenario where the upsell hints are being missed or lost in the data. This can be really frustrating when your customers have already been deriving value from your products or services for months. They are comfortable and satisfied in the current engagement but could certainly benefit from more. This is a critical point in the mutual business relationship but either the signals are lost or the subtle indicators of a golden upsell opportunity are left undetected and unacted upon! 

Customer Retention is an outcome of data and listening. Customers seek optimal value from your products and services. When you successfully deliver it, that’s not the end but rather the point of a new beginning and path to an upsell. So how do you ensure that you don’t miss that opportunity to upsell?

Here is a list of common reasons why people tend to miss those upsell signals:

The Silent Hint #1 Deadlines Slipping:

One day you realize that your client has started to miss deadlines. Something on their end is not working as smoothly as it should. Maybe this could be related to some adjacent work that you don’t provide yet. There is no direct communication and the customer doesn’t reveal the cause. For no apparent reason, the customer is behaving strangely. You would love to upsell to them, but you don’t because you fail to capture the silent hint. Here, the responsibility falls on the CSM to recognize and address this opportunity but what if there exists a technology that was capable of recognizing those hidden patterns, decode them and notify the relevant people with the whole picture? Not only would this make the task easier, but enable you to get the best out of one customer. 

The Silent Hint #2 Quality Issues:

Does the adjacent work that you don’t provide yet but would love to upsell have some quality issues? Once again, there is no direct verbal communication from the customer. Hence, once again the responsibility falls on the CSM to initiate the upsell conversation. 

Hyper-Vigilant CSM:

You’ve landed the account, but it’s time to expand. In this scenario the customer has only purchased one solution among the many you offer, rendering you a point-solution surrounded by other vendors. The CSM should be hyper-vigilant for any business events that prompt a strong case to discuss and pitch their additional services. Sometimes the customer opens the conversation, sometimes they don’t. Either way, a savvy CSM has to examine all the details and interactions within their customer view and act fast. But what if there exists a technology that can help you by being even more hyper-vigilant than any human, 24 hours a day such that it can read everything, all the time?

Bandwidth Victim:

One of the most frustrating scenarios, when an otherwise awesome CSM gets overrun with bandwidth issues and simply cannot look at or respond to an upsell opportunity. This happens many times. Now imagine a technology that can help the CSM by simply providing them regular and necessary reminders and prompting the Customer Success team that the upsell opportunity exists and needs to be addressed.

Technology can help secure your upsell goals. Software-assisted CSMs can avoid common pitfalls while also highlighting important upsell opportunities. New machine learning technology can deftly listen for the silent hints, and then loudly inform the CSM of these pattern-recognized changes in customer data. A CSM shouldn’t have to perform deep forensic analysis of an account to explore if an upsell opportunity even exists, rather the software should notify them clearly and show how and why that decision was made in the data. Leveraging software that is expert at detecting upsell opportunities would also ensure that CSM bandwidth issues never skipped over another upsell. So why not let Cami.AI enable you to do just that?

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