A lady is standing looking towards the right which represents CSMs looking towards a bright future. Her shadow shows a cape which represents Cami.AI, an ally/friend who enables her to improve her efficiency and productivity by equipping her with the necessary tools. Just like a superhero suit.

Customer Success Managers, It’s Time You Donned The AI Superhero Suit

The role of a Customer Success Manager is fast and evolving.

Especially in the recent decades. It is no longer grounded to its traditional role of transforming customer engagement. Instead, it aims to forge stronger relations with customers such that it helps businesses grow. Thus making the Customer Success Managers’ role an important pillar of growth. Depending on the industry they work in, the role of a Customer Success Manager changes drastically. However, the need to be customer-centric in everything they do is the one thing common to CSMs of all industries.

That’s why Customer Success Managers’ responsibilities have become especially demanding in recent years. They are expected to

  • coordinate between different departments,
  • onboard new customers, advocate for the company and the customer,
  • drive renewals,
  • pitch for upsells and cross-sells,
  • build deeper relationships with the customer,
  • have the ability to produce reports on all activity at a moment’s notice, and so much more!

In a job that challenges and expects someone to be on top of everything all the time, how does this get done?

Hence, a Customer Success Platform or Software is the need of the hour for every Customer Success Manager. A lot of these software platforms generally tend to have rudimentary dashboards that display multiple indices but seem to miss the underlying story. Any good CSM will need to know WHY a particular metric is the way it is. In this era of advanced technologies, it should also have a bias towards action. Isn’t the profession deserving of so much more? Every day, when your customers choose to navigate a certain way, click a button, initiate a support ticket, interact or engage on different channels valuable data gets captured.

So, when this is interpreted correctly, the customers’ actions are no longer a mystery. Instead, they become key insights into customer behavior.

Imagine this scenario,

  • Where customer behavior is machine learning modeled to create a unique customer signature, allowing any deviation from that signature to be immediately recognized. Further, the software can notify the CSM in real-time of these insights.    
  • Where renewal risks are identified and highlighted as early as possible with specifics details into the WHY. And earlier is better to buy time for the CSM to amend and remedy any blockers to renewal.
  • Where upsell opportunities are identified promptly and with acumen into what exactly to sell and WHY.

That’s what smart customer success software is all about. CSMs shouldn’t have to perform exhaustive and time-consuming forensic analysis of every account to understand the key insights that matter. They should also not be burdened and overwhelmed with tons of repetitive and rudimentary tasks. Instead, they should be given these insights on a silver platter so that they can do what they do best:  make complex decisions towards stronger relationships and increased ARR. Because in the end, no matter how advanced Artificial Intelligence gets, it is still just a software program that is trying to mimic human behavior. But let’s be clear, no software can ever replace a rock star CSM, not in this century at least. So let’s put the two together, the best part of human CSMs and the best part of artificial intelligence, combined are an unstoppable force, a superhero.  

Smart customer success software gives the CS mission greater efficiency, previously unseen insights, super skills, and dramatically increased productivity. 

This is what a superhero suit is all about. It is that invisible friend who helps you tame the difficulties and soar high above, all while keeping an eye on your behalf. An ally that helps you manage your time so that you can prioritize your tasks effectively. When the right people get enabled with the right information at the right time,  this is how businesses advance to the next level. As a CSM,  the relationship with your customers always needs to be manicured and nurtured; and this is what this ally helps with. A smart customer success software, that never sleeps, always watches over your data,   with an infinite hunger to learn, constantly analyzes, detects patterns, and works towards nurturing your relationships with your customers. This is Cami.AI, your customer success superhero suit.

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