Evolution of Customer Success in the Covid Era Part II

In the span of a few months, Covid 19 had changed everything. From the way we meet our friends, travel, shop, eat to the way we work, everything is suddenly different. At work, this change is felt across our customer base and our own internal teams, because we’re humans after all.

It’s been a difficult year and getting used to the new normal has not been easy. Everyone in every industry is overwhelmed and stressed. It’s human nature to be social, playful even, but when all of humanity is battling emotional and physical stress alongside financial struggles in their day-to-day livelihood, how are all of us supposed to keep our head above the waterline? As I mentioned last time, there are two sides to the answer to this question. Firstly is the evolution of customer success with respect to our customers. Second is the evolution of customer success with respect to our employees and business dynamics. 

It’s hard enough to run a vibrant customer success team, and now even harder running it from home. Just as challenging is trying to communicate and interact with customers who are also at home; most are feeling frustrated.  Although work from home has been convenient at times, admittedly one must confess they miss going to the office sometimes. We miss spending time with our colleagues, we miss the efficiency of in-person meetings and team collaboration. Many of us miss the smaller moments, like a teammate high-five after a win or an impromptu coffee run. 

This new normal has forced everyone to detach from the physical and get attached to the digital.

Attending seven back-to-back hour-long video calls from the comforts of our study without moving an inch might have sounded appealing once upon a time, but now it’s become a daily endurance test.  But one of the worst parts of all-remote is restricting team cohesiveness, not being able to rally as a team. How are CS teams and CSMs supposed to discuss ideas and come up with creative solutions if they are boxed in their study all day, stuck in constant calls?

As a SaaS business ourselves, working towards creating scalable customer love among our customers, we face the same challenges. Although we cannot offer a miraculous solution, one thing we can do is simply start the conversation. We know that our customers have force-evolved in this era but similarly, so have our employees in customer success. As this new normal continues, a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company as iterated in the World Economic Forum states that, post-pandemic, 

  • “Most employees want to work from home thrice a week.
  • Almost 25% of employees would consider changing their organization if they return to fully on-site work.
  • Most employees consider mental health and wellness as one of the top priorities.”

Just like how we acknowledge that our customers have changed and evolved, as a business community, we should also acknowledge that we as employees have changed and evolved too. Prioritizing our employees’ health is no longer a luxury or afterthought, but an important necessity for the true success of the customer success space. Ensuring a good work-life balance is a necessary duty of corporate leadership. 

These are difficult times full of change and uncertainty, but we are literally witnessing history in the making. How we work, how we adapt, and how we evolve… each and every step we take is going to set the precedent for the future customer success teams and CSMs. 

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