CS team fist-bumping and greeting each other to express respect for the CS Ops profession

In any business, the operations department plays a key role in ensuring that daily tasks get executed promptly. They enable executive team strategies to get implemented properly across all levels.  Customer Success Operations, also known as CS Ops, works towards achieving the same thing. Except, the only difference being CS Ops’ entire focus is towards customer success strategy execution. But one might wonder, aren’t there many roles in CS so why is this role so important?

The answer to this question is, Customer Success Operations is responsible for a lot of things. For starters, enabling the ever-growing and complex customer success tech stack. A completely integrated, high-octane tech stack allows for the digital execution of customer success strategies.  Did you know that it is often the  CS Ops’ responsibility to onboard CSMs? They not only help onboard CSMs but also teach them how to use new tools that they have recently equipped to ensure that all CSMs can effectively communicate with their customers. Customer Success Operations helps CSMs or CSLs by making sure everything is working correctly. Many various CS Ops activities need to be executed on a day-to-day basis so that the CS team at large can function smoothly. Maintaining the Customer Success platform, monitoring the CRM system, ensuring the digital flow of information from one system to another is working smoothly, customizations between systems working as intended, and any automated workflows are working as intended. Further is training and certifications of employees, video conferencing, drawing insights from other departments like marketing automation tools, in-app messaging, enabling brand advocacy, and more. Cs Ops does a lot, this is why we celebrate you!

In the past, the Customer Success Operations was all about ensuring that all CS tech systems were working properly. That was it! But today  CS Ops’ responsibilities have evolved ten-fold. They have to help the CSLs analyze critical data and find trends that support the proactive progress of the CS department. CS Ops has become extremely important in every organization because they are responsible for enhancing team performance such that it helps scale the business even further. Another nuance, CS Ops usually works very closely with the VP or other executive of the CS department. The two regularly collaborate on data and work together on monthly or quarterly reports. This means the CS Ops is privy to high-level information, and in many circumstances may see important insights in the data before anyone else. Anything urgent found within the data needing an urgent executive decision is usually first spotted by CS Ops.  This is one of the fastest-growing roles in the customer success industry and has evolved to become a central figure in the success of the CS team at large.

In the end, Customer Success Operations brings peacefulness to an otherwise chaotic adventure, grappling with errant data flows to make sense of what’s really happening across your customer portfolio. Cami.AI salutes all CS Ops professionals everywhere as we know how challenging the job can be. We applaud your efforts and wish you all the best in your digital adventures.

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