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Customer Success Leaders are experiencing a surge of support systems, becoming data rich but insights poor. Integrating all CS data into one clean system is a competitive advantage and accelerates the CS mission.

All You Can Eat Buffet Of Tools

I’ll admit, the available tools are incredible. Usage data, NPS data, ticketing data, and more all reveal something important about how customers are using the product, or how they feel about us. I’m old enough to remember when none of these tools existed and we were truly flying blind back then. These days if you want to know what the customer said, you can check email and messaging apps. If you want to know what the customer did, check the usage docs, if you want to know what the customer didn’t like, check the support tickets.

The problem begins when you realize that all these systems (while awesome) are siloed.  Hence, obtaining a global picture of one single customer can span upwards of ten different systems, ten different open tabs just to make sense of one customer. This becomes really stressful when a VIP account is suddenly unhappy and we’re forced to perform forensic analysis across all the systems to uncover what’s really happening. As one CS executive lamented, “it’s exhausting, every day”.

Symptoms vs. The Problem

It’s important to remember that chasing after the symptoms doesn’t always solve the problem. Let’s explore, symptoms include:

  • Too many tabs open all day every day
  • Regular copy/paste from one place to another is believed to be a viable “process”
  • More than one source of truth
  • Conflicting health scores depending upon which system you last checked.
  • Data everywhere, but answers nowhere
  • Report building requires time blocked off on your calendar

The total number of systems and all the data they create is not the issue, in fact, more data is almost always better. The problem is the inability to integrate a firehose of data into one seamless, accurate, and clean view of everything. The problem is the constant hunt for the truth, whereas the solution is a unified system that allows the truth to find you. Imagine a system that integrates with ALL of your CS systems, ingests all the data in real-time, can push and pull data in both directions, and importantly… built by CS leaders specifically for use by CS leaders and teams. That’s the solution.

An Opportunity

Integrating all customer success data into one location unlocks several high-profile objectives. Most immediately it streamlines team workflow and helps CSMs stay organized, informed, and working on the most important items needed at any given moment. While ‘break down the silos’ is a common battle cry of executives, integrating all the systems is actually doing just that. And understand that data unity is an asset! An asset to leverage for every ounce of value and every dollar of ROI. When data is truly consolidated it yields data-driven insights and strategies, which are a powerful opportunity. Data-driven strategies: 

  • Get more support
  • Have a stronger feedback loop
  • Accelerate your business cycles
  • Improve your competitive position.

Be At Peace With Your Data

One powerful view of all your CS data, clean and simplified, designed for a complete understanding of your customer portfolio and your CS mission. There is calmness in seeing everything neatly organized in one place. There is peace of mind knowing you have all the answers before questions are even asked. Cami.AI integrates with all your CS systems to provide CS leaders and teams with a comprehensive portal to see, understand, and act on real-time insights based on your data.

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