Customer intelligence isn't a buzzword. It's a window to golden insights for products.

Think about this: organizations are sitting on a treasure trove of customer data, insights from which can make all the difference when it comes to shaping or breaking a product.

Customer intelligence in 2022 is the idea of truly understanding your customers at all stages of the customer lifecycle, including pre onboarding sales engagement. 

It is more than just a survey, more than just behavior analysis. It is a culmination of segmentation, customer interaction, and customer experience. The craziest part is that most companies don’t have to purchase this blissful data outside because they already have it all within the organization, accumulating over time.  Some do an excellent job of tracking and maintaining this data, while others do not so much. Imagine taking all the customer interaction systems, even your own platform’s data, and centralizing all of that into one portal designed to distill and inform customer intelligence. This concept isn’t science fiction, it’s a reality, and firms are beginning to unlock unique insights—the most impactful being product insights, specifically how their products can be improved.

Product design and deliverability are crucial in today’s hyper-competitive SaaS economy. Simply put, there are more SaaS options available to any buyer for any service imaginable than ever before. So how do firms break through the noise? Their products. It’s all about having the most useful product features that allow customers to perform at their highest levels. The most significant insights from customer intelligence are being leveraged by product teams to drive the most financially rewarding roadmaps and feature additions.

As it turns out, CS teams have been trying to gather all this data quietly all along. CS teams, while trying to fulfill the mission of swift support, scale, and retention, have adopted supportive tools and processes to capture 360* customer data. The challenge is that most CS tech stacks are scattered across disparate systems, unorganized and siloed. But if aligned and integrated, it could tell a larger story.

This is not a surprise for most CS folks; they’ve always suspected their data would have strong after effects, and they were right. It’s just recently that access to all the integrated data is now available, giving one clean and comprehensive view of customer intelligence. CS data fully integrated and understood becomes customer intelligence, a powerful gateway to unbeatable product insights.

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