Customer Love Podcast Episode 1

Customer Love Podcast Episode 1: A Day in the Life of a Rockstar CSM

Customer Love Podcast Episode 1 Timestamps:

  • 00:27 Intro to Lyndsey
  • 07:00 How Lyndsey Approaches Daily CSM Duties
  • 10:38 Cami Allows Lyndsey to Apply CSM Best Practices
  • 15:01 How Lyndsey Uses Cami
  • 16:49 Cami + Slack Integration
  • 22:26 How Cami’s Machine Learning Works, Insights Delivered
  • 26:05 About Accurate Health Scores
    28:36 Department Improvements From Using Cami
  • 33:39 The Future of Customer Success

What is Cami.AI's Customer Love Podcast?

The Customer Love Podcast is an exploration and celebration of professionals reaching for excellence, sharing their most memorable experiences. At Cami.AI we greatly value the HUMAN elements, the distinctly human ingredients that uplift a good organization into an outstanding organization. Each episode will discuss topics about B2B, SaaS, customer experience, customer success and more, applying our best efforts towards success.

What is Episode 1 about?

In this episode, Cami.AI Chief Revenue Officer, Ilya Kucherenko sits down with Tovuti Customer Success Manager, Lyndsey Guerrero. As she was one of the first CSMs at Tovuti, her journey began right when Tovuti began their “fast and furious” growth cycle. She has seen firsthand how a CS department and a company travels at hyper-speed. Hence, in this episode, she shares her thoughts on what makes a great CSM, and the ever-changing demands upon the CS mission.

Ilya: “There were two of you managing hundreds of accounts?”

Lyndsey: “[laughing], uhm yes!”

Ilya: “Did you get any sleep?”

Lyndsey: “You know I did my best. There were some weeks where it was pretty crazy, but having such a supportive team, we made it fun, we tried to have a good time. I did whatever I could to make sure Lorena [her teammate] had time to rest and get things off her plate.”

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