Customer Love Podcast Episode 2

ML & AI in Customer Success - A CS Executive's viewpoint

Customer Love Podcast Episode 2 Timestamps:

  • 00:00 Standard Intro to Podcast

  • 00:22 Intro with Alisha Mrugal, Alisha’s career path

  • 02:45 Noticeable changes in CS responsibilities from 10 years back

  • 04:12 Alisha builds her first CS department

  • 08:10 Most impactful changes in CS in the last 5 years

  • 13:28 Health scores challenges

  • 14:31 Human to-human relationships in CS

  • 17:13 Too many systems?

  • 19:27 Cami is a central home base for the CS mission

  • 23:00 Cami brings Machine Learning to customer success

  • 27:22 Internal reporting for customer success executives

  • 31:37 Customer success and product teams collaborating

What is Cami.AI's Customer Love Podcast?

The Customer Love Podcast is an exploration and celebration of professionals reaching for excellence, sharing their most memorable experiences. At Cami.AI we greatly value the HUMAN elements, the distinctly human ingredients that uplift a good organization into an outstanding organization. Each episode will discuss topics about B2B, SaaS, customer experience, customer success and more, applying our best efforts towards success.

What is Episode 2 about?

In this episode, Cami.AI Chief Revenue Officer, Ilya Kucherenko sits down with the Vice President of Customer Success at CentralReach, Alisha Mrugal. She brings us to the forefront of the modern customer success department. From Health score challenges to the need for swift decision-making, from data synthesis to long-term strategies, Alisha walks us through the state-of-the-state of being a CS executive in today’s fast-paced environment.

Ilya: Now that you have all your CS data in one system, in one “customer success home base”, how will you leverage this to realize your large CS strategies and initiatives?

Alisha: Well it would definitely be game-changing, saving me personally many hours weekly. The agility in being able to make decisions in a much more time-effective fashion, seeing with clearer eyes what’s happening, and to see everything with the customer base, across the team, and across the company, this would allow us to stay ahead of the curve. When you spend too much time worrying about and consolidating all the information, you get really bogged down in those details, and it doesn’t let you take a step back and synthesize what all that information is trying to tell you, and make really good swift business decisions.

Ilya: And what are some of these bigger decisions you want to make?

Alisha: Suppose we are going into strategic planning, and there’s a lot of information on the table, and we are trying to make decisions that are going to influence and effect the next 3 years. When we talk about a tool that is leveraging all this data, that is customized to the customer success department like the Cami customer success platform, I think that’s absolutely critical.

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