We are a passionate group of Customer obsessed folks who have come together with a common vision of Making Customer success smarter and scalable. Join Us In this Journey to Build Scalable Customer Love.

Meet The real Cami

Cami.AI was inspired by the simplicity of my 3 year old superhero daughter Kamya ( a.k.a Cami ). She is curious and constantly learning from patterns and routines around her and brings instant happiness to everyone she interacts with.

Cami.AI is a digital personality with feelings. She observes, analyzes patterns, learns and communicates in a timely personalized manner. She focusses on doing the heavy lifting so that customer success teams can dedicate their time to having real meaningful conversations, giving customers the attention they seek and deserve. In other words Cami is THE “Superhero” who watches over your customer data, tracks their KPI’s, engagement and makes their happiness trackable and actionable.

We hope Cami.AI can provide the same happiness to customers that my little Cami provides to our family.

– Praseetha Nair , CEO & Co Founder Cami.AI

Cami.AI Inspiration

Customer Love Obsessed

Cami was created with the vision of achieving Customer Love at scale for products and services. The DNA of our product and our company acts as the base of how we love our customers.

Dare To Fail

We believe there is no learning without failure. We encourage each other to do things that have never been done before and in that process enable us to grow. Innovation becomes the by-product.

Keep It Simple

We look for simplicity within complexity. The data we work with and the interactions that our clients have with their customers are complex, but we work tirelessly to make process simple for our clients.

Live Cami

We preach the principles that we built into Cami, Transparency and open communication. A strong and honest foundation is what makes both team as well as the product Cami.AI outstanding.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Cami’s founders believe that Machine learning can bridge the gap between all stakeholders who touch the customers during the various stages of customer lifecycle.

meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Ashwin Thomas
The Newbie

Suzana Isaac

The Wave

Vigneswar Jai

The Dreamer

Harikrishnan PH

The Perfectionist

Andrew Feigenson

The Sales Guru

Ankitha George

The Data Professor

Sandeep Suresh

The Go Getter

Tony Christopher

The Magician

Alisha Mrugal

The Practitioner

Ria Dabhade

The Storyteller

Syam Dev

The Quantum Guy

Roopesh Nair

The Product Guru

Ilya Kucherenko

The Chaser

Johns Babu

The Ninja Architect

Praseetha Nair

The Fearless Leader

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