It’s time to hear how people are reacting to Cami

"World-Class Team, Incredible Product, and Excellent Customer Service!"

Lyndsey G - Senior Account Manager
Cami is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. I LOVE that I can go to Slack and talk to Cami directly by entering Pulses, look up Customers, etc. Our onboarding process with the Cami team has been one of the best experiences I've had with a new product. They listen to our requests, understand our needs, and work hard to complete projects quickly. We feel valued and seen as a customer, their team is now like family to us!

"An Amazing Platform!"

Administrator in E-Learning
The insights it provides into our customer health and our customer engagement with our platform make it a most effective tool to help us improve retention and reduce churn. Most importantly, the customer service provided by the team is second-to-none. Not only do they support our growth and understanding of the platform, but they also listen when we make recommendations and have implemented suggestions we have needed for our particular business.

"Cami.AI is the best addition to our team!"

Callie M - HubSpot Administrator
Cami.ai provides us with extremely clear insights into our customer health all while giving our Account Managers explicitly clear direction on how to keep information/interactions up-to-date for adequate reporting. Beyond those already impressive attributes, the team is quick to consider and implement specific requests necessary for our use case, making the tool feel even more personalized for our business as we continue on in our partnership.

"I'm getting real insights and not a report!"

Executive Sponsor in Computer Software
I have used many customer success software in the past, including gainsight and clientsuccess. The biggest issue I have seen is that, they are all reporting tools and my customer success team needs to spend time with the tool and be in it everyday to run reports instead of the tool working for them. We love Cami.AI because it pulls all the data for us and pushes the insights we need to know so that we can work with our customers based on the insights provided.


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360 Operating Platform

Cami always has a 360 view of the customer, pulling all the required information from internal systems and augmenting that information using interactive conversations with all stakeholders.


Build action plans and play books based on what has worked across other similar scenarios. Cami recommends based on the patterns analyzed and drives accountability across all the teams involved. She follows up with constant timely reminders and clear escalations as required.

Create Up Sell Paths

Cami keeps the day to day customer satisfaction going. This frees up your customer teams to focus on strategic up sells. Cami also recommends up sell paths based on what has worked for other scenarios in your organization.


Cami extends a personal invitation for you to learn more, to begin customizing your Cami experience, and to start executing your strategic customer success goals at scale. Being one of the world’s best listeners, let Cami provide additional analysis of your customers’ communications to ensure that no items are missed or misunderstood.