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Customer Success Upsell Retention Dashboard

Dear CSM, 

” I have identified that you are underutilizing your potential bandwidth on the basis of usage patterns and segment analysis. This equates to loss of $35,000 ARR and user engagement is expected to decrease by 20%. “

     – From Cami with Love

What can Cami do for you?

Retention and upsells are some of the most watched metrics for a reason, they tell a deeper story about company performance. Cami.AI is a new CS platform built specifically for CS leaders and teams. Machine learning detects patterns from data and interactions with customers, finds correlations, and makes predictions. The results give unprecedented insights in a variety of situations such as renewals, upsells, user adoption, customer health and more.


Cami collects and analyzes all data collected throughout customer journey. This is augmented with inputs from customer & customer team conversations.


Natural language processing automatically classifies and segments NPS, team (Pulse), Defect and conversational inputs.

Predictive insights

Machine learning algorithms identify insights from patterns and usage. Example insights include early adoption, renewal risks and up sell opportunity.


Engage with Cami in app or on different channels such as Slack and Microsoft teams to get relevant insights delivered to your fingertips


Enables customer success teams to action real time on identified customer problems or opportunities. Ramp up and scale customer teams quickly.


Cami understands that priorities are different based on roles and presents insights relevant to role in a personalized manner.

About Cami.AI

Cami.AI leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to help bridge the gaps between all the CS stakeholders who interact with the customer, driving stronger CS cycles in onboarding, customer health, adoption, training, retention, and upsells. Cami is built by a team that has a combined experience of more than 30 years in customer success, marketing, product management, and engineering. They came together with a common vision of making Customer Success more human.