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Yes Cami Is Obsessed With You (Customers)

The role of customer success is evolving. Today its not just one team’s responsibility, instead, it is a collective organizational initiative that translates into each and every step of the customer journey. For every role, be it from a CS team professional, CS Executive, Product Manager, or Sales personnel, the value they derive from Cami is personalized.

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The Future of Customer Success (it’s a whole team sport!)

Customer Satisfaction + Customer Happiness are the core principles of all product and service organizations. But often, organizations fail to react and adapt in time to ever-changing consumer sentiments and expectations.

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Cami.AI’s Customer Success Predictions for 2022

At Cami.AI we interact and serve customer success leaders everyday. As such we listen closely to our customers, our partners, and our platform users for their insights and ideas. As we kickoff a new January, let’s take a look at the top five emerging trends that we believe will impact customer success teams in 2022.

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Tech Progression in Customer Success

In 44 days, it’s going to be 2022. Sometimes months pass by in a flash whereas sometimes each day is so long that we have no idea what to do. But with each day passing, the world around us is changing, and we are witnessing enormous changes every second. Post pandemic, things all around us have drastically changed, take the Great Resignation. For example. Professionally, Customer Success has also evolved drastically in the Covid-19 era but the evolution of CS has actually been a long journey that began in the late 1990s.

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Careers in Customer Success Part 2

As an individual starting their career in Customer Success, one should ask themself why this profession is important and where might this career track lead. If you’re an entrepreneur who is starting a SAAS business, it’s important to question what is it that most high-growth businesses get wrong in Customer Success. But what’s also important is to be aware of all the different roles in a CS team so you can customize a structure uniquely tailored to your business needs. A team that not only elevates Customer Success but ‘creates scalable customer love.’

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Careers in Customer Success Part 1

In the last two decades, SaaS (Software as a Service) has become an extremely popular business model. It has been a common practice to sell software to customers, help them with basic installation, and then hurriedly move on to the next customer. Unfortunately, most customers who needed help weren’t given much more than a paper user manual. Back then, software support options were limited and expensive for both users and the businesses who provided them.


The Great Resignation

Work is an integral part of our day-to-day lives. It plays a major role in structuring our personal and social identity and is a means of livelihood. Steady income creates options and equips us with the power to access essentials such as food, electricity, education, etc., and non-essentials such as electronic devices, wifi, furniture, etc. For too many, it feels like a healthy work-life balance is simply unattainable. Checking and responding to emails at all hours, work meetings at dinner time, or being unable to separate from our work laptops on weekends… for so many, this has become routine. One may even say, “Isn’t that expected?” but although it may feel like employees are required to do this morally, ethically, and spiritually they aren’t (and they shouldn’t).

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Evolution of Customer Success in the Covid Era Part II

In the span of a few months, Covid 19 had changed everything. From the way we meet our friends, travel, shop, eat to the way we work, everything is suddenly different. At work, this change is felt across our customer base and our own internal teams because we’re humans, after all.

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Evolution of Customer Success in the Covid-19 Era Part I

In just a span of a few months, Covid-19 had changed everything. From the way we meet our friends, travel, shop, eat, and even the way we work, everything is suddenly different. The change has been quite stark in the Customer Success community, where even on a normal day, there are challenges galore. The Pandemic has only added a new dimension to this role, both from the customer’s and the Customer Success Executive’s perspective.


Customer Churn: A CSM’s nightmare (but not anymore)

There is an abundance of content available discussing various reasons for customer churn. Every CSM is juggling multiple priorities and most likely does not have enough time to proactively act on all customer goals. Learning inside an organization across all different customers between all customer success teams is difficult and often very limited. How many times have you seen customers churning because of a similar set of reasons?

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