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The Customer Love Podcast Episode 2

The Customer Love Podcast Is An Exploration And Celebration Of Professionals Reaching For Excellence, Sharing Their Most Memorable Experiences. At Cami.AI We Greatly Value The HUMAN Elements, The Distinctly Human Ingredients That Uplift A Good Organization Into An Outstanding Organization. Each Episode Will Discuss Topics About B2B, SaaS, Customer Experience, Customer Success And More, Applying Our Best Efforts Towards Success.


The Customer Love Podcast: Episode 1

The Customer Love Podcast is an exploration and celebration of professionals reaching for excellence, sharing their most memorable experiences. At Cami.AI we greatly value the HUMAN elements, the distinctly human ingredients that uplift a good organization into an outstanding organization. Each episode will discuss topics about B2B, SaaS, customer experience, customer success and more, applying our best efforts towards success.

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