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Cami is your Ally, who partners with you To Maximize The Potential of Every Customer Using your B2B Solution.


Customer Success Ally

Take the Guess Work Out

Make customer success as the key agenda for the entire company. Take the focus out from just reporting and reacting to knowing the right insights proactively.

Start with simple workflows and playbooks. But graduate quickly to deep learned insight driven actions

Roadmap To Success

The Insights Layer Your Organization Needs

A platform for the entire organization, fueled by data driven customer obsession.

AI Driven Customer health

Cami understands that the definition of success could be different for every customer. She provides health scores aligned to each customer’s unique objectives using her deep learning skills.

360 Customer View

Cami provides a comprehensive view of every customer, aggregating key metrics to present a complete picture including health and contextual role based insights.

Upsell Identification

Cami identifies a potential upsell opportunity by leveraging the knowledge of correlated patterns across all your customer portfolios and relevant interactions. She proactively takes action by informing the CSM and recommending a base upsell action plan.

Automated Surveys

Reduces time to action, from triggering surveys to gathering feedback to analyzing the feedback. Empowers your team to focus on taking meaningful relevant actions and nurturing relationships.

Risk Prediction

Cami leverages a proprietary early detection modal to analyzes usage, contract and customer voice data and correlates with data across other customer segments to flag any upcoming risks.

Topic Extraction

Automatic sentiment extractions for surveys and conversations Anonymous aggregation across all customer success dimensions Identifying patterns using contextual language processing

Conversational Engine

Cami engages in a timely manner via slack and teams, uncovering key sentiments and topics. She presents actions and reminders to drive positive change.

Automated Customer journey

Cami identifies and nurtures the moments that matter at scale. She keeps tracks of your customer journey and recommends continuous improvement to workflows for efficiency.

Predictive Insights

Automates data analysis and visualization to empower strategic business decisions. Give bandwidth back to your team so they can take actions proactively instead of spending time in systems and workflows.

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