Google Integration with Cami.AI

How to set up Cami.AI integration with Google for SSO and Email Integration


Supported Google Features

The Cami Google integration allows logging into Cami.AI platform using google SSO. The integration also enables the ability to read emails from specific profiles that are send to customers and machine learn from those email interactions.

  • Follow these instructions in order to enable google SSO for Cami.AI

1. Create Project

  • Navigate to and click on “New Project
  • Enter the project details  including “Project Name” as “Google-Cami-AI” and select the default Organization and Location as shown in the screen on the left

2. Enable Google API


3. OAuth consent screen


4. Add Scopes

  • Search and add scopeSee your primary Google Account email address (…/auth/  
  • Also add restricted scope by searching – View your email messages and settings (/auth/gmail.readonly)

5. Create Credentials

  • Click on “Credentials” 
  • Click “Create Credentials” and select “OAuth client ID
  • Select Application type “Web application” and name as CamiWebApp
  • Enter Authorized Javascript origins as and
  • Enter Authorized redirect URIs as and

6. Download

  • Download the JSON in the Oauth client created section and send it to with the Subject: Google Creds: <Your Org Name> 

Confirm and Login

Our production support team will configure your org within 24 hrs of your request. Post configuration, all users configured in your google sso will be able to access Cami at the base level of permission. 

Ready to Start?

Contact us to get to know more about Cami.AI and our partnership with Google.