Integrate for Hubspot Customer Success

Cami.AI acts as the hubspot customer success platform by providing two way integration into Hubspot. The customer success is able to access key customer information and update essential customer success inputs into Hubpsot sitting in Slack or Microsoft Teams environment.

Slack convo with Cami

Customer Success On Slack

“Cami becomes the extension of your hubspot platform by seamlessly integrating and pulling data from hubspot while pushing critical information such as pulse and upsells identified back into hubspot.”


Reduce Licenses

Cami acts as your hubspot customer success platform and reduces the need for your customer success teams actively spending time in the CRM.

Feature Attraction

Data Cleansing

Cami works with your customer teams to ensure that the data in the CRM is always clean and nudges teams to update inconsistent data from their collaboration platforms such as Slack and Microsoft teams. 


Integrate seamlessly

Slack Cami Integration
Zendesk Customer Success Platform Integration
JIRA Customer Success Platform Integration

Customer Feedback

“ provides us with extremely clear insights into our customer health all while giving our Account Managers explicitly clear direction on how to keep information/interactions up-to-date for adequate reporting. The implementation provided an incredible business value-add to our team as we now have one tool to view a customer’s health and journey on an aggregate level. The tool is intuitive, easily navigated, and provides us the business insights we need and no data that is irrelevant or un-useful. Through Cami.AI’s detailed integration configuration, their team is able to recognize areas that call for data cleanliness so as to continually present data quality standards that meet and exceed our own expectations. Beyond those already impressive attributes, the team is quick to consider and implement specific requests necessary for our use case, making the tool feel even more personalized for our business as we continue on in our partnership.”, Customer Hubspot Admin