Customer Health is a Balance

True Health, Not Just A Number

Customer account growth comes from your teams genuinely and meaningfully nurturing your customers. Help them advance beyond inconclusive scores and into insights that build customer love.

Maintain the Balance

Find and benchmark the right balance from the best of these worlds: signals from customers, signals from CSM's and signals from data. Each seems convincing, but only when properly combined tell the true story.

Automate Touchpoints

Automate alerts and workflows to gain more insights from your teams and your customers when it matters the most. Diminish less reactive and wearisome efforts, instead focus on proactive and more relevant touchpoints.

"It's through vulnerability that human beings create connections. The more vulnerable we can be with one another, the more that we'll trust one another and the more we'll be able to collaborate effectively."
Indra Nooyi
Former CEO, PepsiCo
Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more?

Customer health is a highly debated topic. We believe the answers are in the details.

Cami believes in looking at every data available, because that is what machines are good at, and learning true patterns that provide insights on customer health. Scores are important, but just the beginning. Cami looks at signals across product usage, customer communication, defects, promotor sentiments and inputs from your teams to determine patterns that each individual on your team needs to care about. 

Cami starts her deep learned intelligence base with data she has acquired across all our customers and the publicly available ticket and customer reviews data. The models which form the brain for Cami are segmented at an industry, organization size and region level. As Cami starts interacting with your specific data she starts extending her neurons using insights that are learnt from your specific signals, over laid over her base intelligence.

We measure accuracy of customer health prediction from Cami based on the path of customers where not intervention was done based on Cami prediction. Across the data available to Cami, which is growing every minute, the current accuracy of our models are at 73%. We expect the accuracy to go up to 90% over the next year based on available data and tweaks our data science team will be doing on Cami models. 

Cami integrates out of the box with Salesforce CRM and Zendesk ticketing system.  But Cami is still in early stages of her journey and we would be happy to integrate with any widely used CRMs and ticketing systems that expose APIs or integrate through feeds.

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We know customer health is a complex topic. We have a lot of experience, but every situation is unique and we would love to talk to you about your customer health.