Action Driven Culture Increases Retention

Watch & spot right signal

Cami knows the key data points to monitor, analyze and extract most meaningful attrition patterns for you.

Build action driven culture

Cami ensures that assigned action items are accounted for. She follows through with constant reminders and escalation paths when needed.

Focus on value

Merit, not volume. Cami helps identify which customers need the most attention for the right reasons. Hence, CSM's can focus on them instead of just the loudest customers.

"Retention problems sneak up on you.You need to be actively monitoring retention cohorts even when retention is going up and to the right ."
Dan Wolchonok
Director of Growth & Analytics at Hubspot

Your Important Questions?

We have extracted some of the most important lessons on retention from Cami and summarized below.

Cami first looks at maximizing the data you already have without making new work for your teams and customers. The easiest place to start is looking at defects logged into your ticketing system and product usage to machine learn patterns that are causing detractors. Cami also pulls data from exchanges with the customer and builds an interactive relationship with your team to clarify or enhance this data. Cami plugs into existing NPS tools or can be your NPS tool to gather data from your users, influencers and buyers. The learning across all this data is condensed down to the customer success teams and leaders proactively using existing communications tools such as slack, teams etc.

Having a good product or service of course the basics. But when we look for a trend across multiple custom base, the single largest trend is the inability to identify the change in customer trend fast enough. The reason for change in customer trend could be change in strategy or leadership team at customer, product problem that stops from adopting your system effectively, etc., to name a few. The key learning from Cami is that if your team is able to get ahead of that trend way ahead of your renewal cycles, there is a huge jump in retention metrics. 

Customer success teams use Cami to stay ahead of attrition trends. Cami learns patterns across signals and brings them to the team’s attention in real time. These are not obvious inputs. For examples, “GSK is up for renewal next month”, but more deeper, such as “JCPenney users have are not logging into your Order Management module as frequently as last month, this could be because of the number of defects in the Order Dashboard”. Cami then creates action items to help drive closure of these patterns working across the product and services teams.

Ability to look at the big picture view of the business and understand who are the customers where the focus should be and what are the patterns that need attention helps the execs remove the bottlenecks coming in the way, without micro managing the teams. Quote from one of the CEOs Cami works with sums it all up “As I prioritize my week, if I knew who are the customers who need most attention and what are some patterns that might be impacting them, I’m twice as productive solving real problems.”

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