Nurture and Farm Your Customer Base for Growth and maximize upsell

Build Genuine Customer Love

Customer account growth comes from your teams nurturing your customers genuinely to build customer love, beyond satisfaction.

Spot Opportunity Patterns

Every team has rockstars who lead by example and followers who can replicate that success. Cami learns from your top performers and illuminates those patterns to elevate everyone's skillsets.

Coach for Growth

In competitive business environments, products and services evolve and change quickly. Coach your customer success teams around the best value propositions, paths to upsell and grow.

"Make the customer the hero of your story."
Ann Handley
Keynote Speaker
Frequently Asked Questions

What Works?

A collection of questions about growing your customer accounts by building genuine customer love.

Most customer success tools provide functionality to build up sell plans for customers that CS teams need to manage. Cami believes that account growth starts from building genuine customer love. She is constantly looking for patterns that coaches your teams to identify the moments that matter and build the genuine connection. She also shows the up sell paths based on product module usage, customer goals and looking at trends across your customer base. This takes your team away from guessing and build plans that are real, based on insights.

Cami’s insights demonstrate that if customer success teams are good with customers and build the genuine connection, a good CS tool  should be able to drive the sales culture inside the CS team to help grow customer accounts. The truth is the customers want to buy the value you are providing them and Cami can help identify those successful paths. Simple insights, visibility and simple nudges can help close the sale.

Selling to existing customers is a science and forecasting sales for existing customers should be much more predictable than forecast for new business. Cami looks at patterns and connects it to success and up sells trends in the path among your customers and across your industry to provide meaningful forecasts that are highly predictable. Cami also gives you levers to do “what if” analysis and provides up sells path with deep learnt probabilities that can help you prioritize investments in people, process and product.

No, at the end of the day Cami is just a smart tool. She can automate the parts that are obvious and also show you trends that machines can do a better job than humans in uncovering. Your product and your people drive the growth for you. Cami is the best assistant you could hire for your customer teams and for your executives.

Ready to Grow?

Our sales teams are eager to work with you in understanding you specific use cases and consult with you on how Cami can help you grow.