Ilya Kucherenko Joins Cami.AI as Chief Revenue Officer

Ilya brings over 20 years of technology leadership experience to advance the customer success industry, leveraging advanced machine learning to redefine possibilities.


Ilya Kucherenko

Cami.AI today announced it has appointed Ilya Kucherenko as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). In his role as the CRO, Ilya would be responsible for revenue strategy and its worldwide execution.

From the San Francisco Bay Area, Ilya Kucherenko has been in technology for 20 years. During the span of his illustrative career, he has been at the forefront of groundbreaking and transformative SaaS products, from Healthcare to Cybersecurity to Enterprise. Beginning his career in Sales, he has been in executive roles for a decade, building high-performance teams that grow companies through consistent revenue and brand value. Cami.AI’s flagship product, Cami, will be the 10th SaaS product Ilya will take to global markets.

“I’m thrilled at the opportunity to apply vision, leadership, and execution into the Customer Success space,” said Ilya Kucherenko, CRO. “I’ve seen first-hand the challenges and barriers to optimal performance in meeting customer expectations at scale. Cami offers a unique Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning advantage that will allow CS teams to unleash their ultimate potential.”

“Ilya’s experience growing companies will help us in key areas like brand strategy, recurring revenue, and delivering decisive results to our customers. His mindset is aligned to be a strategic consultant with our clients for growth”., said Praseetha Nair, CEO, Cam.AI. “I’m excited to work with Ilya to advance Cami as the standard for building scalable customer love.”

About Cami.AI

Cami.AI leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to help bridge the gaps between all the CS stakeholders who interact with the customer, driving stronger CS cycles in onboarding, customer health, adoption, training, retention, and upsells. Cami is built by a team that has a combined experience of more than 30 years in customer success, marketing, product management, and engineering. They came together with a common vision of making Customer Success more human.

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