Optimize Adoption to Create Customer Delight

Adoption is the key to realizing your customer’s lifetime value. Cami monitors user adoption, product usage and engages with the customer in real-time to gather feedback. She facilitates a network of interactions with all stakeholders driving user-product adoption.


Usage Tracking

Cami keeps track of how many customers are using the product and if they are engaging efficiently. This data is then cross referenced with cataloged patterns from other areas such as defects, NPS responses, CSM interactions to provide cohesive and actionable insights.


Adoption Alignment

Cami adoption statistics benefits both internal and customer teams. She helps product teams align on what feature is causing trouble with customers and associated potential reasons. She keeps all stakeholders, buyers as well as influencers, informed and engaged with periodic reports showcasing user and product adoption. 

Feature Attraction

Idea Generation

Cami finds the right opportunity to present customers with product feedback questionnaires. She gathers, analyzes and presents the responses to the product team for backlog refinement and prioritization. Cami also has visibility into the product roadmap and can educate the customer when required, paving the way for upsells.



Gain insights around adoption by watching over all interactions and detecting patterns. Push those insights through channels those matters the most, when they matter the most.

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