Personal Engagement Turns Customers Into Advocates

Fortify your customer’s engagement for enduring revenue. Cami provides a comprehensive view of every customer, aggregating key metrics and calculating a health score that is reflective of customer love. Cami leverages the power of NPS execution, CSM sentiment capture, defect monitoring, and deep analysis for predictive insights.


360 Customer View

Cami understands that the definition of success could be different for every customer. She provides health scores aligned to each customer’s unique objectives using her deep learning skills. She also factors in subjective inputs such as CSM sentiments, Net Promoter scores and CSAT’s.


Customer Pulse

While data is important, trusting and capturing CSM instincts into scoring process is important to Cami’s learning and predictions. Cami collaborates with CSM’s across channels and gathers inputs to provide richer and meaningful insights.

Feature Attraction

Defect Pattern Analysis

Cami seamlessly accesses information from your ticketing system to analyze trends and discover patterns that are most relevant in determining customer health.



Cami pulls data from ticketing systems to understand trends. It matches those trends with insights it gathers from communications and also direct inputs from customers and your team. Cami can push all these insights back into your CRM along with proactive communication with your teams where they are.

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