Integrate Cami and Grow her Intelligence

Cami is constantly training using available data from client CRMs, support systems, communication ecosystem and project management tools.

CRM Systems

Get your customers, opportunities and contacts instantly from your customer relationship management systems with real-time Cami integrations.

Support Solutions

Tickets flowing through Cami allow her to learn patterns between the metrics that you care about across customers and types of tickets coming in. Cami’s smart learning algorithm automatically classifies defects into multiple dimensions and finds business opportunities that are going to make a positive impact.

Communication Channels

One of the world’s best listeners, let Cami provide additional analysis of your customers’ communications to ensure that no items are missed or misunderstood.


We Believe Partnership is a two way street

Cami integrates with you using REST APIs or feed integration through secure data integrations. Cami stores all data in secure AWS infrastructure. We work tirelessly to build success for our partners just like we do for our clients.