Onboard Customer Confidently Consistently

Onboard customer confidently. Cami brings customer information from your CRM as soon as the deal is closed. Onboarding workflows automate introductions and enable consistency as your customers learn your product and your organization. Cami sets expectations on how she will be involved as an automated, yet very personal, tool all throughout the customer journey.


Workflow Automation

Cami understands your unique customer onboarding needs. Based on your organization’s classification attributes, she recommends an onboarding workflow that can be executed as-is or customized.


AI Enabled Communication

Cami can be enabled on internal as well as customer facing channels so that CSM’s and customers can proactively communicate to stay ahead of all customer onboarding needs.

Feature Attraction

Centralized Resource Library

Cami can integrate with your organization’s existing centralized resource library for easy access as you onboard customers. Cami can monitor product usage and analyze if your customers require help with a particular topic. She can access the library, provide helpful customer onboarding resources and inform the CSM of actions taken.



Connect Cami to bring data from your CRM as soon as the sale is complete. Enhance the data real time will all ticket and implementation interactions. Communicate seamless through your internal communication channels to make customer onboarding seamless.

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